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In college I worked at a bagel shop delivering bulk orders in the company van. Though I always came home smelling like everything bagel spice, I loved the gig because it gave me a chance to listen to NPR. I didn't know then that those carb runs would spark a career in journalism.


After graduation I applied for an internship at NPR headquarters — and nearly fell off my chair when I got it. There I spent two years learning the foundations of storytelling, how to be a thorough researcher, and - most importantly - to never read the comments.


I’ve since served as a staff-writer at DailyCandy and The Washington Post Express, where I covered local dining and design for five years. My writings on food, fashion and travel have appeared in Life and Thyme, Time Out, and The Travel Channel. (See some of my clips here.)


I am currently available for speaking engagements, freelance assignments and copy writing opportunities. And I still love carbs.